Soil Test South Melbourne

Fully insured with Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

We comply with all relevant Australian Standards


  • From start to finish you get professional Service from qualified engineers
  • Don’t put yourself at risk with unqualified contractors
  • Cheap competitive rates
  • Quick turn arounds to keep your project on track


We meet all your Geotechnical requirements for:


  • Soil testing and reporting for site classification and foundation design
  • Diagnosing the causes of cracked and damaged houses and structures
  • Pre-purchase building and house soil, footing inspections
  • Rock bearing capacity and design strength
  • Meeting council requirements for Erosion Management Overlays (EMO)
  • Percolation/Permeability Testing for Stormwater Disposal
  • Marine Geotech investigations
  • Level 1 site supervision and design verification
  • Land Capability Assessments for septic systems
  • Footing design inspection
  • Standpipe installation
  • Groundwater monitoring


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